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"Towards a reconnection to our deepest being"

The beginning of well-being!
Do you have a constantly active brain and a little voice that never shuts up in your head?
Free Ebook : 9 tips to slow down the brain's incessant thoughts
The natural healing power of your hands !

Everyone has a natural healing power in their hands!
Experience it, find answers to your questions about energy healing and discover what is Quantum Touch!

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Sessions :
Take care of myself, reconnect with myself.

A moment for me :

Lifenergy Massage

I want to take some time for myself, to settle down, to reconnect with myself.

1h or 1h30 Massage

Massage bien-être Lifenergy

Massage and session in prevention or during burnout

Taking care of myself and recharging my batteries in prevention or during professional/family burnout.

1h30 treatment

Massage bien-être Lifenergy

Free myself from pain

and tensions, and

support my healing

I feel physical pain,
muscular tension and would
like to get rid of it.

Energy healing combined
or not with massage

1h or 1h30 treatment

Soin énergétique Quantum Touch  -  Lifenergy

Free myself from from emotional blockages 
through energy balancing

My life is not as fluid as I would like it to be, I feel blockages
and I want to do
something about it.

Treatment of 2h
Only in French.

Equilibrage énergétique -  Lifenergy

Sometimes other time slots than those proposed online are available.

Do not hesitate to call me if necessary. 


The Lifenergy Massage revives the energy in your body and in your cells in 1 session!

The unexpected benefit:

It frees you up on multiple levels :

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

Touch / Well-being Massage
Accompaniment during

and after illness or cancer

Taking care of myself during and after the illness or cancer. 
Gently reconnect with myself,
my body and my life.

1h   treatment

Toucher massage mieux-être - Lifenergy


Ikigai, in Japanese, means "what makes you get up in the morning!", what gives meaning to your life.

To be able to make the right choices 
to go towards the life that suits you 
and finally realize yourself and your dreams!

Putting life back into my life with Ikigai



Workshop only in French


Sans titre.png

Quantum Touch

Learn how to use the natural power of your hands.
A healing method accessible to everyone!

Quantum Touch :
A simple healing method

Learn to use the natural power of your hands

to relieve pain and promote healing.

Suitable for those who are new to energetics

as well as for therapists who will perfectly

combine this method with their treatments.

2-day workshop to learn
this simple method of healing.

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Upcoming workshops

in english:

on demand

Welcome to my world!

Hello ! 
My name is Nathalie and I am happy to welcome you in my world. I combine massage and healing with knowledge sharing so that everyone can take back a little more responsibility for his or her life.

Nathalie Gerard Lifenergy
My mission:
"To plant the seeds of wellness".
Nathalie Gerard Lifenergy
Everyone is responsible for their own health and well-being.
And if listening to others and a treatment or a massage can give a boost to progress on the path towards oneself or to feel better, my goal is achieved.

My values of listening, respect, non-judgment and kindness make each meeting with the other a special moment.

What drives me :

The pleasure of transmitting, the pleasure of massaging, the pleasure of the present moment, the pleasure of bringing well-being to those around me and helping them to reconnect with themself and take more responsibility for their lives.

Download my free Ebook, 
The 9 tips to slow down
the incessant thoughts of the mind!
Free Ebook : 9 tips to slow down the brain's incessant thoughts
For those who have a constantly active brain and a little voice that never shuts up in their head ...
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