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Wellness Massage  in full presence 

The Lifenergy Full Presence Massage is a wellness massage,

to escape, settle down and reconnect with oneself.
A gift to yourself or to give, in Tervuren!

In this hectic life, everyone needs a moment of relaxation, to settle down, to take care of oneself, to reconnect with oneself! Source of harmony, this massage provides a deep and lasting well-being.

The massage is performed in full consciousness and full presence, from head to toe, from the dorsal to the ventral side. The type of massage is given according to the needs of your body.  Very enveloping, deeper or lighter, the hands but also the forearms will be involved in the movements. 

This massage attaches great importance to the quality of being and total presence of the donor. This then allows you to fully inhabit your body and to settle down completely.

True reconnection to oneself, it is given in silence to encourage a real letting go. Soft music will accompany you throughout the massage. The massage is performed with organic vegetable oil.

1 hour massage: 70€

1h30 massage: 95€

(Foresee an appointment of 1h15 or 1h45)

Want to care for someone? Ask for a gift voucher!

Sometimes other time slots than those

offered online are available.

Do not hesitate to call me if necessary. 

Le massage bien-être chez Lifenergy, pour qui, pour quoi, comment ? 

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They testify for you...

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