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"Towards a reconnection to our his deep being"

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Accompaniment in the case of professional or family burnout by
Wellness Massage

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The combination of massage and energy therapy 
is a valuable accompaniment in the case of
of exhaustion or burnout.
It allows you to create a bubble of well-being to gently settle down
while recharging your batteries.

Professional or family exhaustion or burnout

A real moment to settle down, reconnect with oneself and recharge one's batteries.
In addition to the well-being that touch brings, relaxation and deep relaxation bring a real dose of vital energy to the body, allowing it to reduce stress, regenerate, improve the quality of sleep, strengthen the immune system and harmonise the emotions.

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Course of the sessions

The first session includes a time of discussion and exchange to get to know each other, to take stock of your needs, and it is also an opportunity to share some advice for everyday life.
The massage  is adapted to your current situation and needs.

It can, if desired, be combined with an energy healing.

1st session: 1h30 treatment: 95€.

Following sessions, according to need and desire: 1h or 1h30

Sometimes other time slots than those proposed online are available.

Do not hesitate to call me if necessary. 

You wish  offer this moment of relaxation to

someone you know  ?

It is understood that the treatment does not replace

an ongoing medical treatment.

but accompanies it harmoniously.

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They testify for you...

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