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Muscle relaxation treatment

and massage

Treatment combining massage and energetic healing to reduce tensions and promote optimal muscle relaxation,
according to the specific request.

This Healing Massage can be focused specifically on the painful areas according to the demand (back, shoulders, neck) or be extended to a relaxing massage and muscular relaxation of the whole body.

It combines the techniques of massage, deeper and sometimes slightly painful, with the techniques of the Quantum Touch energy healing to gently release muscle tension and pain.

The back is one of the parts of the body most exposed to muscle tension.

It is the main place where tensions due to stress, fatigue, bad posture, too long static position, ... are fixed. 
The pain then appears and manifests itself in the form of lumbar, back or cervical pain. A healing and massage focused on the "stressed back" will relieve these tensions by focusing in particular on the back, shoulders and neck.

This healing massage is therefore ideal for releasing stiffness and tension in the muscles, alleviating back pain and restoring flexibility and mobility to the spine.

The benefits are both physical and psychological:

  • It relieves chronic and acute pain.

  • It provides tone, well-being, relaxation and flexibility of the body.

  • It facilitates drainage, i.e. the elimination of toxins and thus promotes blood circulation.

  • It helps to free oneself from tension and stress.

Massage of 1 hour : 70€

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Sometimes other time slots than those

offered online are available.

Do not hesitate to call me if necessary. 

Want to care for someone? Ask for a gift voucher!

They testify for you...

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