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Quantum Body Therapy
& Energy Balancing :
(Re) taking charge of one's life to go further on the path towards oneself.

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Quantum Body Therapy is a treatment that
touches the Being in all its dimension, it is a massage of the Soul through the body.

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The purpose of Quantum Body Therapy is to help the person regain a state of unity, autonomy and inner harmony, through deep therapeutic work, focused not on the symptoms, but on the roots of their problems located in their cellular and subtle memory. This innovative therapeutic approach works on both the physical and energetic body with the aim of reharmonising them.

Path of healing of the deep wounds of the Being

A trauma, such as being an unwanted child, will often leave traces in a child's and adult's life in terms of feelings of rejection. The child, in order to be accepted, may, for example, become hyper-perfectionist.

For others, we will have to deal with wounds of betrayal, humiliation, non-recognition or abandonment that literally mark the life of a Being with a red iron. Time, unfortunately, does not erase these wounds. They must therefore be worked on in depth.

How can this therapy help to heal this type of primordial wound? By addressing not the adult but the foetus or the wounded child that this adult unconsciously carries within him or her. This wounded child has often been waiting for years to be recognised in its suffering - of not having been wanted, for example - and will perhaps, for the first time in its life, be able to feel a love that unconditionally welcomes it as a human being.

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Quantum Body Therapy is based on seven fundamental principles:



  1. Working on the root cause and not on the symptoms of our injuries and traumas, in that it restores the fluidity of life within our body.

  2. The body has a consciousness of its own with which we can communicate. Quantum Body Therapy works on our body consciousness which is totally separate from our emotional, mental or spiritual consciousness. The reason is that we are embodied beings in a body of matter and it is our body that always has the "last word". To communicate with body awareness, an appropriate language is used which is mindfulness massage, i.e. given in a state of presence, centering and alignment.

  3. Quantum Body Therapy considers life as a soul in incarnation, i.e. the person has come to learn certain essential life lessons, such as learning to love, to love oneself, to trust, to empower, to forgive, to balance one's masculine and feminine polarities, to simply grow. These life lessons often go through a certain number of ordeals which can leave traces in us, more or less heavy, in the form of body or cellular memories. Quantum Body Therapy will work to help the body to free itself from these memories.

  4.  A 3-step transformation process: For a transformation process to be complete and lasting, it is necessary to consider it in three stages: the mental awareness ("Ah, I understood!"), the liberation of the emotional memory (expression of an emotion) and the liberation of the cellular memories which can sometimes be translated by physical symptoms, sometimes by a magnificent letting go and a great appeasement.

  5. The therapist is there to help reactivate the person's healing process. He does not heal, on the contrary, he allows, either with energy work or with massage, to awaken the inner healing process of the person, in the respect of his rhythm. 

  6. Our cellular memories act like magnets: As long as we have not pacified or transmuted the memories inscribed in our cells, they have a magnetic power that attracts to them people or situations in resonance with the nature of the memory. This explains why, as long as we have not "healed" a wound, we will repeatedly attract similar situations to ourselves. 

  7. The work is carried out on the totality of the Being, i.e. on the physical, energetic and causal levels.

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The main techniques used in Quantum Body Therapy. 

The body language techniques

Mindfulness massage is the appropriate language for communicating with our body consciousness.
It is therefore one of the essential tools in the sense that it represents a palette of energy and various polarities.

Energy healing techniques

The energy work on the subtle bodies allows to clean or transmute the memories stagnating in the energy bodies of the person. This work is done at the beginning of the session to allow a better receptivity of the body work using the massage tool. In some cases, a session may be devoted exclusively to deep energy work, if necessary.

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Reiki Treatment
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Causal techniques

Also called "inductions", use the power of accompanied visualisation, in a state of deep relaxation.
They are sometimes used because they work on the root cause of a problem to help release the blockage.
Here are some induction themes used in sessions: release of disqualified (non life-giving) links with a person, transmutation of heavy memories linked to birth, materialisation of a project that is having difficulty becoming a reality,...


Healing sounds

Used in the form of toning - unsung sounds - or singing. Sound, emitted with awareness and love, is a powerful harmoniser and energy cleanser. It is mainly used in conjunction with energy work.



The number of sessions needed to obtain a tangible result depends, of course, on the individual, the path already travelled and the degree of openness. The Quantum Body Therapy treatment is not a magic wand, even if some would like to consider it as such. The therapist is only there to accompany and encourage the return to the state of global harmony of the Being.

What are the main themes that can be worked on in the session?  

The themes most often addressed in sessions are: lack of inner security, difficulty in letting go, lack of self-esteem and self-love, difficulty in accepting one's incarnation, lack of self-confidence, wounds of abuse (molestation, incest, rape,...), wounds of abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal and non-recognition.
Beyond the work on these issues, the Quantum Body Therapy sessions can be considered in a perspective of awakening of the Being, reconnection to the sacred feminine, development of anchoring, reconnection to the feeling, opening of the heart, reconnection to one's creative energy, balancing of one's masculine and feminine polarities, reconnection to one's divine essence, reunification and development of all the potential of one's Being.

Attention: The session provided cannot replace a medical consultation or treatment.

Link Quantum Body Therapy : (in french)

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